Intro to Python Programming

Course Fee

₦ 150,000


2 Months


Course Overview

If you'd like to begin a career in Python  programming or programming in general, this course gives you a great start. Below are the course contents:

1. Introduction to Computer Hardware Architecture and Installing Atom text editor and Python Interpreter  

Introduction to the Command Line Interface (CLI). Comparing the Command Line Interface (CLI) to the Graphical User Interface (GUI). Working with directories and Files on the CLI. Writing our first Python Program.

Introduction to Core Programming Concepts. Data Types, Variables, Statements and Expressions in Python. Mnemonics of variables. Operators and Operands. Order of Operation in Python. Receiving Input from a User in python. Data Type conversions. Debugging Errors in Python.

Writing Intelligent Programs. Boolean Expressions and Logical Operators.  Using Conditional Statements in Python Programs. Alternative Conditionals, Chained Conditionals and Nested Conditionals. Combining Conditional Statements Using Logical operators. Input verification and Exception Handling using the try and except statement. 

Functions in Python. Built-in functions in Python. Type conversion functions and their areas of application. Importing modules in a python program. Creating custom functions with different return values.

Learning Repeated Execution (Iterations) with the “while” and “for” loop statements. Infinite and definite loops. Updating variables. The Counting, Summing, Minimum and Maximum Loop patterns.

The String Data Type. Properties of Python String. Creating, Accessing, Slicing and Iterating Strings in Python. Methods on Strings in Python.

Files Handling and Persistence. Opening, Reading from, Writing to and Closing Files in Python.

Project: Data Mining. Mining data from files. Persisting Data in files.

The List Data Type. Properties of Python’s List. Creating, Accessing, Slicing and Iterating Lists in Python. Functions on Lists. List Arguments in Python. Methods on Lists in Python.

The Dictionary Data Type. Properties of Python’s Dictionary. Creating, Accessing and Iterating Dictionaries in Python. Functions on Dictionaries. Tuples and Dictionaries. Methods on Dictionaries in Python.

The Tuple Data Type. Properties of Python’s Tuple. Creating, Accessing and Iterating Tuples in Python. Functions on Tuples. Methods on Tuples in Python.

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming Concepts. Learning About Classes and Inheritance.

Introduction to Version Control Using Git.

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